Install Emacs 25.0 on MacOSX

I am using Homebrew on my MacBook to install Emacs, the setup works fine and is easy to maintain. Just install it with this command: $ brew install emacs –HEAD –use-git-head –cocoa –srgb To get Emacs into Application folder I use: $ brew linkapps Now you can start Emacs in graphical mode from Applications folder, … Läs mer

osx: install_name_tool ger fel

/usr/bin/install_name_tool: object: /usr/local/Cellar/nettle/2.6/lib/libhogweed.2.3.dylib malformed object (unknown load command 4) Det visade sig att jag hade en gammal version av install_name_tool i katalogen /usr/bin/. Programmet kommer med command line tools för Xcode, så det måste vara installerat och vi hittar install_name_tool i katalogen: $ ls -l /Applications/ -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 131552 1 Feb 2013 /Applications/ … Läs mer